If your note are cluttered when learning programming, why not use “Ticketnote”?

kenji kawanobe
4 min readMay 6, 2021


Hi, I’m @kenji7157 and I’m a web engineer.

When I’m learning to programming, I record my notes in various places, so I end up with a large number of notes scattered around: personal threads in slack, the default notes app, etc… . . These notes in my PC are quite cluttered.

For this reason, I have developed Ticketnote. Ticketnote is a new service for recording and sharing your programming learning. You can post even the most trivial of notes, such as study notes or daily reports, as long as it is something you learned during your programming studies.


I wrote about the following three points in this article, hoping that many people will be interested in them. Please read on.

1. Why is Ticketnote developed?
2. The world view I want to achieve with Ticketnote
3. The Future of Ticketnote

1. Why is Ticketnote developed?

The reason I developed this service is because it is a service I want to use. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I have a large number of notes scattered around. The following are just a few examples of the scattered locations.
Notes posted to slack

Notes recorded in the default Mac app

There are countless other places where I have recorded my notes. Then I asked myself, “Why am I leaving so many notes in the first place? After asking myself this question, I came up with the following answer.

  1. I don’t want to have to Google the same thing over and over again.
  2. I want to share it with someone close to me who’s looking into the same thing.
  3. I want to use it as a source for articles to be submitted to other technical post services.

Because of these backgrounds, I just went to the note note note. These notes were scattered all over the place. As a result, I came to the following conclusion.

“I want a service where I can post my notes on learning programming without hesitation. That way, my notes wouldn’t be scattered all over the place!!”

Then I started to develop Ticketnote, and this service was born.

Next, I write about the worldview I want to achieve with this service.

2. The world view I want to achieve with Ticketnote

There are two worldviews that I want to realize with Ticketnote.

The first is to make sure that your notes are not scattered all over the place around you.

The second is to have people who are studying engineering browse Ticketnote as a reference for choosing study topics.

When I was studying to be a web engineer, I used to tweet about what I learned that day. Many other engineers tweeted as well, which made me feel like I was working hard with them, which helped me to keep learning.

However, extracting tweets from my miscellaneous tweets at the time of learning was tedious and I did not look back at what I had learned. How happy I would be if I could keep a record of my learning so that I could look back on it easily. And the learning records can be used not only for your own reflection, but also as a reference for choosing learning topics for future other engineers.

So, if you are tweeting your programming learning records or notes, it would be great if you could post them on “Ticketnote” as well, even if they are trivial.

3. The Future of Ticketnote

Ticketnote is currently free and open to anyone with a Google account. Of course, I will continue to operate it so that it can be used for free.

In order to realize the world I mentioned earlier, there are still not enough users. In the future, I will continue to improve the functionality of the service while also sending out information so that everyone can know about it.

My goal is to get engineers and people who are trying to become engineers to use Ticketonte.

Best regards

The worldview that I want to realize with Ticketnote will never change in the future. If you have notes scattered all over the place, try Ticketnote.

All of the engineers’ study notes are precious and should be utilized.


Thank you for reading to the end.
@ kenji7157